Any previous policy is superseded by this (Dated 15 March 2011)

Subject to a 35% restocking fee {we are a two-person operation to handle manufacturing, stocking, processing orders, answering emails, answering phone calls, technical assistance, marketing, and all the other processes that go into running a business} We do NOT accept returns after 120 days unless the product is defective. Thank you for your understanding. 

NO Credit will be given (nor will reject parts be returned to the customer) for:
Parts returned without prior authorization (via the issuance of RMA #). The RMA # must be prominently displayed on the exterior of the return shipping container/box. Returns received without RMA # on the outside of the box will not be credited nor returned.

Parts not purchased from Odometer Gears Ltd.

Freight charges. All returns must be shipped prepaid and insured at the customer's expense. Odometer Gears LTD. will not accept COD returns, nor will it be responsible for any lost or misdirected returns. The returned item(s) must be returned in an appropriate package (no standard envelopes). In previous returns shipped in standard envelopes, the part was ripped out, and we received an empty envelope, and no credit will be issued in this situation.

1. Send us an email request for RMA #. Include the receipt number and reason for return and a contact number if we need to contact you for your credit card number for credit.

2. Please include the following when returning any parts to Odometer Gears Ltd. A copy of your receipt with the RMA #, a contact number, and an email address.

3. Securely package and ship your return prepaid and insured to:

Odometer Gears Ltd.
11419 Goodes Lane
Saluda, VA 23149-2811


4. International Returns: Any paperwork filled out for shipment should also indicate that it is a return of merchandise previously purchased and the date of the original purchase so there is no confusion that this is a return of merchandise on which customs/duties have already been assessed and paid.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above return policies, please send us an OR CALL 757-593-3478 or 757-771-6694

Merchandise Damaged in Transit

For your protection, please inspect your package before signing and have the driver make a note of any damage. If your order is damaged during shipping, please immediately Email us to promptly send out a replacement and file a damage claim with the carrier. All original shipping cartons and packing materials must be saved for inspection by the carrier. Discarding any original shipping/packing material will negate our ability to file a damaged package claim. Replacement parts in these circumstances must be paid in advance since we will not be able to assist you in filing a damage claim.

We know you're concerned about protecting your privacy online. So are we. At Odometer Gears LTD., we treat your personal information (especially your credit card number) with the highest standards of safety, security, and confidentiality.



Odometer Gears Ltd offers a lifetime parts warranty on all of the items we sell. If you ever have a concern with a product that you have purchased through Odometer Gears Ltd, send us an email and a picture of the defective part, including your receipt number and contact information. We will contact you with an RMA # to include in the return package.

Odometer Gears Ltd will only cover the defective Odometer Gears manufactured part(s) and no labor associated with the repair or shipping.  We do not cover any parts that may be damaged during or after installing our products; buyer or installer assumes all liability. 

Replacement parts will have to be prepaid before shipping and credited on the return and verification of the defective item.

If one of our parts was purchased through a distributor, please either contact the distributor or send us a copy of your paid receipt along with a picture of the damaged part to Customer to pay for shipping.

BMW, Land Rover, and Mercedes-Benz Transfer Case Gear WarrantyThe most common reason the gear fails is when only one or two tires are replaced at a time. The slight difference in tire size diameter (even though it could be a minor difference) causes the tires to rotate at slightly different rates. The electronics and computers engage the transfer case thinking the different wheels require more or less power. This causes overuse of the transfer case resulting in damaging the actuator gear. Odometer Gears Ltd. will only cover a parts warranty if the client can produce a receipt showing that all four tires were replaced simultaneously with a matching brand and series. Must include date and mileage when tires were installed as well as current mileage. The warranty only covers broken gear. The client must supply a picture or the actual defective gear for warranty replacement. Please send a picture and supporting documents to We will cover the standard shipping cost. If overnight service is required client will have to cover the cost of shipping.